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Navigator has been designed to support people with all areas of personal wellbeing. Navigator allows individuals to track their health metrics, explore wellbeing tools and resources and set personalised goals. Organisations are provided with real time data and insights to measure and further support the wellbeing of their people.

Here to Drive Wellbeing

Here to Drive Wellbeing

Our unique digital service Navigator allows individuals and businesses to manage and progress goals; including sleep, steps, exercise, nutrition, breathing, activity, habits and recovery. Navigator works with all leading wearable technologies and progress can be tracking using the Calendar.

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With our digital service Navigator, individuals and businesses can manage their own profile or their business profile. All progress against goals, including sleep, movement, nutrition and recovery is tracked and linked to all leading wearable technologies. Drive employee wellbeing with engaging challenges and goals, individually, in small teams or across the whole organisation.

Providing Inspiration & Planning Goals.

As well as tracking goals, Navigator also provides wellbeing inspiration. Download easy to prepare, healthy recipes, including nutritional data and instructional videos, and barcode scan all your food to track your nutrition. Information can also be downloaded from the Wellness Library, providing credible articles on all aspects of health, including mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Progress Insight Reports Alongside GP, PT & Nutritionist Sessions.

Hero offer a blended digital and in person approach to provide holistic wellbeing programme that can be applied within working hours for those with busy life styles. All of the KPI’s and engagement with residents/employees is driven by Navigator. These data insights help to support employee wellbeing with real measurable ROI.

Make Navigator Your Own.

Navigator is a versatile product and can be created as a custom platform for an organisation or on an individual basis. You can have a fully customised product, with a branded registration page through to having an entirely custom branded app. The solutions and products can also be customised to suit your requirements by removing modules that you don’t require or creating new modules just for you.


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Navigator also works as a communication engine to push notifications, updates and offers.

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