Self-Isolation: Supporting Your Social Wellbeing

30th March 2020

With so much uncertainty and the increase in self-isolation, the hero team has put together some top tips and expert advice to help you with your social wellbeing if you or someone you know is isolated. We are all in this together!

Keep Talking

Wellbeing coach Vicky says, “We have the power of social media, emails and smart phones to connect with people all over the world. Although it might not be as effective as a face to face conversation, checking in with someone over technology allows the person to know you are thinking about them, and they also might feel more comfortable opening up over a message.” Find out more about Starting a Conversation about Mental Health and The Benefits of Sharing Your Story.

Video Calls

Spend more time with people via video calls, so that you can see each other and feel connected without the risk. There are lots of video call tools out there, including Apple’s FaceTime and Whatsapp Video Call, or business conferencing tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Start a Book Club

Book Clubs at work can be a great way to improve social wellbeing and reduce loneliness – plus, you can start a group chat virtually without needing to be in the same room.

The Reading Agency has found that book groups offer significant social networks and wellbeing benefits, as well as boosting reading. A nationwide survey of book clubs found that 94% felt being part of a reading group leads to members reading more widely, and 80% said they enjoy the books they’re reading more when they discuss them with the group.

Some respondents said they had found support and friendship within reading groups designed specially to meet their needs, such as visual impairments or mental health diagnoses. Others said being part of a group had helped them re-discover reading for pleasure, led to long-term friendships or helped them work through a challenging period in their life.

Team Challenges

For remote workers and teams which are spread out across multiple locations, as well as those who are isolated for the next couple of weeks, looking after social wellbeing can be really tough. How about using technology to set a challenge across your whole team – whether that’s to increase the number of steps they do in a day, encourage a random act of kindness, or even just connect with a colleague they haven’t spoken to before.

Make The Most Of Your Extra Time

If you are self-isolating or working from home, chances are you’re saving time on your daily commute – make the most of this extra time to connect with friends and family, or reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Every conversation contributes towards your social wellbeing.

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