hero Ranks In Top 20 HealthTech Pioneers

2nd June 2020

This week BusinessCloud announced the top 100 HealthTech Pioneers, celebrating this year’s leading health and medical technology companies.

An independent judging panel and BusinessCloud readers voted in the inaugural 100 HealthTech Pioneers ranking for 2020. The judging panel was comprised of:

  • Corby Ganesh, portfolio director, HETT
  • Abeyna Bubbers-Jones, CEO, Medic Footprints
  • Nick Prentice, global community support, One HealthTech
  • Lauren Bevan, head of health & social care, BJSS
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud

The 100 businesses profiled are impacting sectors are varied as surgery, mental health, remote care and medication.

hero achieved top 20 placement, alongside organisations like Sky Medical Technology – an innovative medical technology company that has developed a neuromuscular electrostimulation technology to increase blood circulation and prevent strokes, and Touch Surgery, a virtual reality surgical simulation training company.

hero Founder Joe Gaunt says, “We are really grateful to have been recognised for our Navigator platform among some outstanding companies in the HealthTech industry.

We’re driven to continually improve the ways we support our clients across Physical, Mental, Social and Financial Health. It’s been quite a year for our technology and clients to have been recognised, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and support people.”

You can see the full top 100 ranking, which was voted on from a long-list of around 200 disruptive companies, here.

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