hero For Operators

hero work with real estate partners to create healthier places to live, work, study and retire.

Everything moves at a million miles per hour. Work, family, friends, health, exercise… it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Thing is, you can work to get the balance right. To be healthier, stronger and more energised. To be the best version of you at work, home and at play.

That’s what hero are here to do.

Residential Property

We work with residential operators to help create and support happy, healthy and productive communities and alleviate the daily pressures of city living through innovative wellbeing technology and on-site services.

Retirement Villages

We support employees and residents at retirement villages. Over a 12 week period (Nov 2018-Feb 2019) through using a combination of our wellbeing technology and in-person support we helped retired residents to increase activity by 18%, decrease loneliness by 32% and improve satisfaction with their mental health by 8%.