Feel Good Exercises to do at Home

23rd February 2021

We’re all spending more time than ever at home right now but we shouldn’t let that stop us exercising when we can. There are lots of simple ways to stay active around the home, if it’s now your workplace try standing at your office desk to spend rather than sitting all day. How about doing some squats whilst boiling the kettle, filling a glass with water instead of a bottle so you take more trips to fill it up, and having walking meetings if on the phone.

Doing exercise also makes us feel good. We’ve all heard of ‘runners high’ but what does it mean and can we achieve it without having to run? The good news is, the answer is yes! Laura brown, hero Training Clubs Head Coach explains how with three simple exercises that will help you get fit and feel great!

“Runners high refers to the euphoric feeling achieved when moving the body with high intensity, often achieved in cardiovascular exercise. During this process, chemicals called Endorphins, often referred to as feel good hormones, are released improving our mood.

“With this in mind, i’ve chosen three great moves that you can do from the comfort of your own home. These moves use the whole body to recruit as many muscles as possible to increase the intensity.

“Try ten repetitions of each move three time through to give your day a ten minute boost.”

Squat Press

Squat down with your knees over your toes. Drive through the heels and as you stand up and press your weight (can be dumbbells or something around the house like a laundry basket or bottles of water) overhead.


We love to hate them but they are great for raising your heart rate. bring your chest to the floor and jump up for maximum effect.


Great for strengthening the core. Sitting up from a laying down position, raise one leg at a time and try to touch your foot with your finger tips. Try raising both legs at the same time for added intensity.

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