Creating An At Home Wellbeing Strategy

2nd April 2020

hero is continuing to support employees and businesses throughout the coronavirus lockdown. Our team has been working around the clock to devise a range of support services that are quick and easy to implement but can support across your entire organisation. From virtual seminars and live fitness classes, to planning out a completely new and adapted 8 to 12 week Wellbeing Strategy, to specific at-home plans tailored to each client.

We have put together different strategies, services and technology to holistically support your business in the most effective way.

hero Wellbeing Technology 

Our wellbeing technology supports your people across mental, physical, social and financial health.

Navigator is a daily habits tool which can support you in the following areas: team challenges, sleep, nutrition, activity, meditation minutes, advice & articles, blogs, recipes, goals and much more. Quick and easy to implement, the hero Navigator platform and app is perfect for connecting employees and supporting each individual with the personal tools they need to stay healthy – even when they’re completely home-based.

Wellbeing Strategy & Programming

Our team can design you a tailored strategy to suit your employee and business needs. Choose from a 4, 8 or 12 week plan which can include a range of end to end support through different wellbeing services.  All of our services come with a dedicated Client Support Manager and communication pack tailored to each plan.

Use our digital insights to find out what employees want to see more of whilst based at home, and get regular pulse checks to check in on their wellbeing to see how they are feeling and adapt the plan to continue to support effectively.

Arrange a consultation call using the form below:

Company Specific Content

hero can support you in providing company specific daily uploads and advice for your employees. We can provide blogs, articles, top tips and much more to support mental, social and physical wellbeing throughout this time.

Wellbeing Webinars

Choose a team or individual webinar from one of hero’s Wellbeing Coaches. Topics include Managing Coronavirus Anxiety, Self Care to Support Physical and Mental Health at Home, and a range of seminars across physical, mental and social wellbeing.

1-1 Virtual Consultations

Get in touch to find out more about on-demand 1-1 virtual consultation appointments with one of our Wellbeing Coaches! You could have an at home Personal Training Session, Nutritional Advice, Coaching & Support.

Physical Activity Coaching

Our Wellbeing Coaches have been recording workout and relaxation videos that you can do at home. Why not book in for a team live workout with one of our experts? Community is so important when we are physically distanced, and working out together can be a great way to support those social connections.

GP Appointments

We are working in partnership with GPs to offer 20 minute GP appointments via video call for a virtual assessments, for more information get in touch with our team.


The hero team has also put together a “Self Isolation Toolkit” which includes advice, guidance and top tips to support you. Add in your details below to download.

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