Corporate Wellbeing

We don’t optimise employees.

We energise people.

hero was formed to have a positive impact on individuals, companies and communities by supporting all types of healthy behaviour. We believe in helping individuals and companies focus on being the best version of themselves, creating tailored wellbeing plans to support your people with their physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing.

hero utilises intuitive digital technology, on-site services and exclusive partnerships to provide;

Discovery Report

Wellbeing survey which captures data to support a tailored and meaningful wellbeing strategy across your organisation.

Health Checks

Delivery of personal health assessments to support awareness and measurement of biometrics; blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, oxygen and weight.

Navigator Digital Wellbeing Platform

Personalised platform, seamless integration with wearable technology and apps, challenges, wellness library and support tools.

On Demand

Additional personalised options for people to access nutrition, mindfulness, virtual training and a range of exclusive partnerships.


In-person delivery of educational content, seminars and workshops across all types of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Group Exercise

Delivery of a range of group exercises including yoga, HIIT, circuits, boxing, weight management and mindfulness.

Champions and Manager Training

Wellbeing Champions, Mental Health First Aid, Employee Resilience and a variety of Manager Training Courses to support wellbeing in your organisation.

Management Information

Real-time company dashboard illustrating trend and progress data to illustrate effectiveness and return on investment.