Colour Fit


Colour Fit was designed to simplify the main goals of sports nutrition -performance, health and body composition. Colour Fit Charts use colours and icons to categorise meals into proportions of Fuel, Lean Muscle and Healthfoods. The names, icons and colours, make selecting suitable meals simple – in essence “you are what you eat”.

  • To Fuel hard training or competition performance with carbs, look for Green. When training is lighter, lessen Fuel to prioritise Health and Body Composition.
  • To be Lean or repair / gain Muscle through proteins, look for Red.
  • To improve Health through vitamins, minerals & good fats, look for Yellow.

Meal Plans

To aid optimal meal selection and inspire variety, Colour Fit contains numerous interactive Meal Plans. Meals Plans link directly to the Meal Cards and Videos for immediate access. Clicking on a meal picture will take you to the Meal Card & Video, and clicking on the Colour Fit Chart, takes you to the Nutritional Analysis for the meal. Meal plans have associated videos, which explain the rationale behind the meal plans.

Meal Builders

In addition to the vast library of meals, Colour Fit also contains our unique ‘Meal Builder’ series. Meal Builder are infographics and videos which demonstrate how to make endless variations of a certain type of meal.