Romero Wellbeing Initiatives

Romero Wellbeing Initiatives

The Case

Romero wanted to look at improving the physical and mental health of their employees, and see how they could offer more support. To Romero wellbeing is about both physical and mental health, and wanted to give staff the tools to improve both.

Our Aim

Our main aims for Romero were to encourage more physical activity and wellbeing for all employees and provide the right support and tools to help achieve this.

Our Method

We met Romero staff to provide a number of key seminars on important topics including physical exercise and nutrition. Romero staff were also offered pilates and mindfulness classes each week, as well as free counselling. Staff had access to Navigator, our award winning software, to track their goals and access advice on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

All staff were supported by wellbeing champions and management team to offer advice, after receiving mental health training.

The Results

Romero ran a wellbeing report which showed great improvements in their team’s mental and physical health. Employees rated Romero’s wellbeing initiatives 7.79/10 and staff are now active 4/7 days in the week. Staff are dedicated to improving their wellbeing, and hero have given Romero the tools to keep improving.

Employees would recommend Romero wellbeing initiatives


Employees satisfied with their mental wellbeing


The Impact


Increase in happiness


Increase in physical activity


Increase in employee participation


Increase in those who don’t drink alcohol


Decrease in smokers