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Case Study Inspired Villages

The Case

Inspired Villages Group (IVG) were keen to understand their residents’ feelings about their own personal health and wellbeing and what was important to them across physical, mental, social and financial aspects.
IVG were also interested in the residents’ perception on how Inspired Villages supports their health and wellbeing and if they’d be able to increase the residents’ levels of happiness and satisfaction with their own wellbeing in the areas most important to them.

Our Aim

After Inspired Villages residents took part in a 12 week trial and completed a digital Wellbeing Discovery Survey, we found that the primary aim was to increase activity and movement throughout the day.

Our Method

We met the participating residents on-site, introduced the hero Navigator platform and gave one-on-one support to help set up accounts for each participant. All participating residents also received on-site support during the trial from the Inspired Villages team.

Each participant was supplied with wearable technology (Fitbit charge 3) on the trial to help track activity, movement and sleep. They had access through web and app to the hero Navigator platform which included;
Daily Dashboard showing movement, activity, sleep and nutrition, Wellness Library of articles around all areas of mental, physical and social wellbeing, connection to each other for personal and community goals and challenges and guidance on how to gradually increase activity and improve general wellbeing.

The Results

The participants achieved demonstrable increases in movement and activity, reduction in loneliness, improvements in mental wellbeing and ultimately achieving happier, healthier residents.

Steps the residents walked as a cohort


Fun fact: The equivalent of Exeter to Hawaii with enough steps left for a walking holiday!

Total hours active as a collective


The Impact

6% Increase in happiness
26% Increase in activity satisfaction
8% Increase in mental health satisfaction
32% Reduced loneliness
20% Decrease in residents sitting for 7 hours or more

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