Mission & Values

About Hero

Hero was formed to have a positive impact on individuals, companies and communities by supporting all types of healthy behaviour. We create technology and services. We obsess about outcomes and results. We believe in helping individuals and companies focus on being the best version of themselves.


Our Mission

Helping create healthy and happy communities. One unique human at a time.


Our Values

Real | hero is a place where you can be yourself.  Original, sincere and inclusive.

Heart | We are in the helping people business. Ethics and a sense of responsibility in everything we do.

Achievement | Everyone can achieve. We are poised and ready to recognise every step forward.

Playful | We are doing what we love and helping people find their thing.

Relentless | We strive to be our best selves. Forever innovating and never settling. We make it happen.

Together | We win together. Team, clients, partners and the community.