hero was formed to have a positive impact on individuals, companies and communities by supporting all types of healthy behaviour.

We create technology and services. We obsess about outcomes and results.

We believe in helping individuals and companies focus on being the best version of themselves.

Working with each unique business, our strategy is based on our 4 pillars.


Every human, team and organisation is unique. We work with you to find the best fit for your business.

We start by helping you understand your organisation and its needs. We help you create a plan, and utilise our wellness platform, services and and partners to bring this to life.

It doesn’t stop here though. Building on your initial findings, hero can help you focus on improving specific and varied areas for maximum return on investment for your employees.

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Bring specific teams or your whole workforce together.

Working with people who are at a similar starting point or have the same interests is the key factor in keeping us interested and motivated.

New to physical activity or elite athlete, run club or book club, focusing on sport or sleep, hero can help you decide which initiatives are suitable for all, while allowing your people to decide the groups they want to create and participate in.

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Focusing on being healthy is the foundation to build a sustained and balanced workforce. No fads, no extremes. Just comprehensive tools, education and services.

hero have done all the heavy lifting and put together the most varied and comprehensive partnerships, services and tools to support and improve employee wellness.

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Working towards something you can measure, manage and celebrate.

hero can help you set fun and rewarding challenges that are suitable for all, earn badges and track progress across a huge variety of key health measurements – from linking your wearables to blood cholesterol testing. It all depends on what you and your team need.

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Hero Three Peaks Challenge, 12th July 2018