Female Health Experts Hertility Become hero’s First Women’s Health Solution

The award-winning health-tech company, hero, is proud to announce its industry-leading partnership with at-home fertility and reproductive health specialists, Hertility, becoming the first women’s health solution on hero’s award-winning Navigator platform.


Hertility – a Barclays Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year winner – will see it’s services added to hero’s flagship app, ‘Navigator’, to offer employees across its spectrum of clients access to proactive reproductive care in the form of educational workshops, at-home hormone and fertility testing, data-driven diagnostics and fast-tracked access to specialist care. 


“At hero, we believe focussing on whole-person health is crucial to ensuring a happy, healthy and lasting life. Female health is a complex topic, and so we’re delighted to welcome the Hertility team and their wealth of knowledge to make our offering even stronger. Hertility is a fantastic example of just exactly what matters to us at hero and it’s important to us that our Navigator users and clients have access to their educational content and products”, Samantha Gaunt, Head of Content & Delivery at hero, remarked.


“Each and every woman should feel empowered to take control of their reproductive health and through utilising Hertility’s expert-led research and solutions, we can’t wait to help transform this taboo and make female health more accessible within the workplace.” 


The lack of female health support at work means that female employees are having to spend time travelling to appointments. But Hertility is working to shorten the time to diagnosis for female health conditions and getting women to the specialist care they need sooner. In just 10 days, Hertility can provide data-driven, advanced insights into reproductive health to flag nine of the most common gynaecological pathologies and indicate fertility decline and the onset of menopause – all without leaving the house.


Hertility CEO and Founder, Dr Helen O’Neill, outlined the importance of the partnership, saying: “The workplace was not designed for women and we’re here to change that. For too long, female employees have been putting up with debilitating symptoms at work or going through painful experiences such as miscarriage and fertility treatment whilst carring on with their jobs. We’re pioneering a completely new way to make the workplace finally work for women and make equality a reality.


“We’re so excited to be working with progressive companies like hero to open up the conversation around women’s health and empower employees with the knowledge to understand their bodies and make their hormones work with them, not against them. Our vision is to nurture a new generation of women who back their bodies and their life choices to ultimately see the same number of men and women in the boardroom once and for all.”


Last week, Dr Helen O’Neill delivered an educational session on ‘Optimising Hormonal Health’. The session was designed to inform employees how hormones play a pivotal role in regulating their health and well-being and how they can optimise them in both their personal and professional lives.


Topics covered in the webinar and on hero’s Navigator app, will include:

  • An introduction to hormones and why they matter
  • The menstrual cycle and the key hormones involved in regulating it
  • The effect of lifestyle factors on r hormone balance
  • The main symptoms of hormonal imbalance to look out for
  • Male hormonal health 
  • Optimising hormones for productivity


hero uses data driven consultancy to create evidence-based company specific technology and services strategies. By leading with education and real-world examples, the fast-track company believes this can be part of the plan to tackle mental health and wellbeing issues; putting prevention at the core of its strategy. 


Navigator – hero’s award winning technology provides hero clients with access to the best content, tools and services to implement the very individualised health and wellbeing provision that contributes to improving all four pillars of health – mental, social, financial and physical health. hero’s technology and services impact wellbeing, culture, engagement and communications to positively impact lives. 


Combining habits and education, tracking and tools, personal goal setting and the ability to speak to experts to support mental and physical health, and much more, hero’s Navigator platform provides an innovative and unique toolkit designed to support people of all levels and all in one place.

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