Creating Your Perfect At Home Workout Space

For many of us, working out at home isn’t something we’re used to. If you love group training classes at the gym or if your perfect weekend is spent on a hike with a group of friends, the next couple of weeks is going to take some getting used to. While we’re all at home it’s still important to keep up your activity levels, so this week we’re sharing our top tips on how to create a home workout space that works for you…

Dedicate a Space

Think about how much space you’ll need, then scope out the best spot in your home. A lot of home based workouts just need enough space to lay down an exercise mat (or a rug or towel). Choose a space with plenty of natural light, and preferably near a window so that you can regulate the temperature easily if things get sweaty.

Set Up Your Equipment

If you have any fitness equipment, keep it in your workout space. Whether it’s a yoga mat, weights, resistance bands or household items, keeping them nearby will make it easier. We recommend filling a rucksack with different items and using this as your weight if you don’t have gym equipment at home. This way, when you put on the rucksack the weight will be evenly distributed.

Choose Your Workouts

If you’re looking for workout inspiration, you could try our range of our heroLIVE workouts via our Instagram page. Choose from yoga, HIIT, strength, boxing and more. Maybe choose your familiar favourites or try something new!

Make it Part of Your Routine

Whether it’s a 10 minute blast or a 50 minute relaxing flow, set out some time each day to spend in your home workout space and stick to it. See how quickly this helps to shift your mindset and support your physical and mental health!

For more support with your wellbeing at home, download our Self-Isolation Toolkit below.