Time To Talk 2020: The Benefits of Sharing Your Story

Written by Mental Health Therapist Ashleigh Turner.

“Once I shared my story, I realised I wasn’t alone” 

Do you ever have that burning desire to be completely open & honest but at the same time physical fear of judgement & vulnerability?

Research shows that even brief sharing exercises can have substantial impacts on psychological and physical health even months after sharing.

There are several factors I have come to understand when working on myself & with others by exploring and owning our experiences in a safe place:

Realising your story can help others

Not only do people realise they are not alone on their journey but also how their story can help others reach out and reach help in their own situations and recovery.

Finding your voice

Being able to express yourself and finding out what it means to be you… Sometimes the first step is saying your story out loud and the power of actually sharing and describing how you feel to someone else/others makes it real, which of course is terrifying but also a huge step forward allowing you to explore and process a lot of things.

Reaffirming your values 

The more you connect and explore your story the more you begin to be able establish your OWN beliefs and values and not those that have been imposed on us throughout growing up. This in itself can be someone we develop as we progress in life but it can help us begin to understand where our own values stem from and the importance of them to us in our day to day lives. 

Finding inner peace & hope 

Being able to share, explore, find your own self and voice and connect and establish and affirm your own values & beliefs is all part of your own individual resilient tool box. These steps all help us to see clearer and work on becoming the best version of ourselves which in essence I believe is the main ingredient to being at peace with ourselves and hopeful for the future and how we can manage, cope and bounce back as and when testing times hit.

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