hero champions happiness and wellness in the education sector with exciting partnership with “Outstanding” Chipping Hill Primary School

OFSTED outstanding school, Chipping Hill, in Essex, has been pioneering a new way to tackle the well-documented issue of health amongst teaching staff through its partnership with Hero, leaders in wellness delivery, education and strategy, transforming the social environment for a healthier and happier workplace.

The school has gone from strength to strength over previous years and has doubled in size in the last two years alone. The school is currently ranked number one in Essex and number 16 in the UK; much of this success is down to the vision and leadership of the headteacher, Mr Ceri Jones. With a personal passion for health and wellbeing, Ceri recognised the demonstrable need to not only look after the welfare of his pupils but also his fantastic team of teachers and support staff too.  

Ceri Jones says of this partnership: “When I first met hero, I knew the team had the perfect solution. The first step was a free and anonymised Discovery Survey. This was invaluable to help understand the current needs, wants and issues, which in turn would help shape and influence the future people strategy at the school. For me, it was crucial that the strategy was reflective of the current feeling within my team, how they believed things could improve and how the school could support this.”

Over 75% of the staff completed the survey and it highlighted that areas around mental health and social wellbeing were critically important to them. In particular they also wished for access to specialist services such as personal health checks.

Ceri continued: “hero worked with me to devise a proactive plan moving forward and, thanks to the report, I realised that the key to us having a happy, healthy and engaged team of teachers wasn’t about putting on activity clubs and classes, but about doing more as a team and encouraging social situations.”

Hero has now also delivered a full day of team health checks, which helped the staff understand their blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and other headline health measures which in turn they have been able to take action on. All received an individual report and Ceri an overall anonymised report to further support their healthy behaviours.

Stephen Waterman, hero’s Chief Operating Officer, who worked closely with the school during this process said: “We are delighted to be working with Chipping Hill School and feel Ceri and his team are truly forward-thinking to be able to recognise the importance health wellbeing has on his team I believe the education sector is more aware than ever of the importance of having a healthy and happy team of teachers and support staff – not only for their own individual wellbeing and success – but also in turn for their pupils and so the school as a whole. We recognise health is a complex issue and so have been delighted to help Ceri and the Chipping Hill School gain maximum benefit and return in a very short time.

“It’s projects like this one with Chipping Hill which makes what we do at hero extremely rewarding; seeing a leader recognise an issue and taking all the necessary steps in place to turn a potentially negative issue into a positive outcome. We congratulate Ceri and his team and can see why they have such a successful and happy school.”

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